Plastic Bags Manufacturer


How Air Bubble Materials Manufactured?

  Air bubble bags are the most commonly used packaging material. This protects the packaged product from damage due to any shock and pickup. Bubble sheets were invented in 1956 by Alfred Fielding and Mark Chavannes. When he saw some bubbles between two polythene sheets, he added two polythene and made them stick in several places. Gradually it was made by machine in a good way and today bubble rolls are preferred to protect any product.

Raw Material for manufacturing air bubble bags

Plastic Resin Material

Plastic resin contains polyethylene and polypropylene elements called thermoplastic materials. These materials strengthen the grip of air in polythene.

Additives To Make Polythene Strong and Flexible

The polyethylene films are made by mixing with the base polymer. Lubricants and plasticizers are used to create flexibility. While coupling agents increase the bond between the filler and the polymer. It also produces antiesthetic agents and biocides that inhibit microbial growth.

How to Manufacturer Bubble Rolls and Bags?

The polythene rolls are melted at a diameter of 0.25 in. After that the obtained pellets are passed through the extruder then inserted into a hopper. After this process is completed the small pellets are then introduced into a long heated barrel which is made The material moves forward. The barrel becomes resinous due to overheating and is then passed through the dye and polythene bags are formed. Two sheets are added to make bubble bags and there is some empty space between them to fill the air. Bubbles are formed.

How to use POKA YOKE mechanism to make polythene bags

They should be mixed in the proper proportion while mixing the resin and the additive. Before starting the sheet extrusion it is necessary to check its chemical and physical properties. It is important to ensure that the temperature is correct. In some methods, it is important that the top and bottom sheets react differently to heat so that during the tearing process, one of the sheets deforms, while the other does not.

Uses of bags

Air Bubble and polythene bags are used in packaging. Bubble bags are mostly used to protect fragile items. Some polythene bags are transparent and some are colored. Small bags are also zipped in bubble bags to pack, so that the product can be removed at any time. These products are mostly used in mobile materials and glass packaging materials. Today, polythene bags are in high demand as each product requires a material to pack. This protects the packaged material from dust and moisture.