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  Air Bubble Bags    

The company is well recognized as air bubble bags and air bubble rolls manufacturer in Gurgaon or Gurugram. Following packaging material is usually availed by electronics products manufacturer though we are collecting order from various other products manufacturer like gifts, toys, glass itmes etc. The company made products are checked on various parameters before dispatched to valued clients. Offering products have multiple attributes such as flexible, shock absorbent, eliminate damage to products in transit, market leading prices. Our company made rolls are large in size so it can be used to pack large articles. These products are widely used by packers and movers companies. Multilayer Sheets are very strong products. In this sheets 1/4 and 1 inch air pockets are made which make a strong product.

Bubble wrap film is used to pack fragile items. Bubbles are made in it which are filled with air which protects the packaged item from dust, scratches. Zipped bags are very useful, that's why we manufacture this product. It is used to pack a variety of products such as medicines, gifts, mailings, automotive products, electronics, etc. This product is in high demand in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa.

    Advantages of products
  • Strong sealing
  • Best uniformity
  • High efficiency integration system
  • Durability
  • Long term protective
Products made by our company have excellent impact resistance and puncture resistance. It is designed in such a way that the products are protected during shocks during transport. These products absorb shock energy by expanding the film upon shock, but do not break. LDPE bags are crystal clear which greatly enhances the opening impression whereas HDPE-based films may be too thin to reduce costs.

Process for Air Bubble rolls

The granules are inserted into a 100 mm and 75 mm extruder hopper which is passed through the extruders and melted followed by melting through 2 layer pieces of T-dye. Two layers of the same sheets are formed together in die.

These two layers pass through two silicon synthetic cooling rollers where bubbles are formed on one roller and are covered by the other layer on the other roller. The next step consists of vacuuming the bubble, cooling both layers of the outer surface, laminating the thermoformed layer simultaneously. The layer is then trimmed after cooling and finally taken to the winder through take-off rollers and then winder. Our company can also make 2 layer bubble film, 3 layer bubble film, 5 layer bubble film and it can be made in any color.